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Go Bass Fishing in Central Park with Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing

No secret fishing hole here! Mike Iaconelli proves that there's some intense bass fishing to be had in Central Park.

Secret fishing spots are something that every bass angler keeps tight lipped about. All of the work that you've done to find a one of a kind honey hole can be ruined in days if the word ever gets out and therefore you do whatever's necessary to keep it locked up.

Mike Iaconelli on the other hand will have a hard time keeping this spot a secret, mostly because it's in the middle of Manhattan. Watch Mike Iaconelli do what he does best, bass fishing in Central Park.

Good thinking on casting a line in Central Park, Ike!

If your secret spot isn't so local or you find that you're on the road more in search of a new great bass fishing location, definitely consider picking up a case to store your rods in.

Years ago, I used a long tube of pvc with a lid to get my things from place to place. Over time  the weight really started to get outrageous and as my fishing rod collection grew I needed more storage space when traveling.

fishing rod bag, bass fishing

Especially for road trip based fishing trips, check out the Advanced Angler's Pro Rod Bags from Cabela's. These bags are super light weight and can hold either four or eight rod and reel combos up to seven feet in length.

Additionally, if you're worried about your fishing rods getting knocked around during the off-season, these bags will hold up to 20 rods without reels which is way better then leaving them stacked up in the corner of the garage.

For the diehard angler, these are totally worth every penny!


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Go Bass Fishing in Central Park with Mike Iaconelli