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Watch Mike Iaconelli Catch Bass Using Strips of Bacon

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Yet another reason why bacon rules the world: it can be used for bass fishing.

I'm a bass fishing freak and a bacon connoisseur, so naturally when I saw that Mike Iaconelli was using bacon for bass fishing, tears of joy were instantly streaming down my face.

Feast your eyes on a little bass fishing trick that involves everyone's favorite edible item.

Thank you for putting these two wonderful things together, Mike!

With water temps starting to warm up and springtime bass fishing well underway, it's important to change your lure setup every so often to reflect the rising temperatures, water clarity and food sources that bass like to target at different points of the year.

During the early spring spinner baits and in-line spinners like a Blue Fox are often successful as their depth and vibration will attract bass in shallower water. As the season progresses, switch out these lures and fish a slower lure like a grape or green worm through weed beds to catch a lazy late morning bass. Be sure to keep your line taught at all times and get ready to set that hook!

Check out the Rattlesnake from Grande Bass, one of my personal favorites to slam monsters on this time of year!

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Mike Reeber

To keep up where Mike Iaconelli's fishing these days and what gear he's using check out his Instagram page!


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Watch Mike Iaconelli Catch Bass Using Strips of Bacon