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WATCH: Mercury Unveils New Motors at Miami Boat Show [VIDEO]


Take a look at the newest from Mercury Motors.

Mercury Motors has been leading the way in innovation of boat motors for years. From the weekend angler to the professional boat racer, Mercury has a motor designed for every person’s needs and boat size.

The unveiling of these new Verado motors during the Miami International Boat Show amazed the crowd and raised the bar for outboard motors in the marine industry.


Since the launch of Mercury’s outboard Verado line of four stroke engines in 2004, they have been pushing the envelope to improve upon it, and it appears they have finally done just that.

With the recent release of the Mercury 350 Verado and the 400R (racing), they’ve made what’s hands down the fastest, smoothest and quietest motors to hit the market.

If you get a chance to try one of these motors out don’t pass it up. They will truly blow your mind and possibly all your hair off.

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WATCH: Mercury Unveils New Motors at Miami Boat Show [VIDEO]