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A 2,500-Yard Shot Never Looked So Easy [VIDEO]

This 2,500-yard shot is some seriously impressive shooting.

YouTube user 1Grizzman posted this short video last September of him hitting a steel target 2,500 yards away with a .338 Lapua. Each round had a 4.5-second flight time.

You've got to love the sound of the bullet soaring through the air and the loud "GONG" noise it makes when it hits the steel target. Check this out.

Here's how 1Grizzman made the 2,500-yard shot, in his own words.

I went out early in the morning to beat the mirage, luckly there was very little wind around 3-4 mph coming from the left, I dialed 2.6 mils Left. I had to dialed the maximum elevation my scope (Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 MIL/MIL) had at 27.4 mils then held over 2.5 mils on the reticle to get me to 29.9 mils. The 300 gr Berger bullets with a MV of 2740 fps at 23.34 inHg start to go subsonic at 2400 yards, so I figured some weird stuff might happen. My first shot was pretty even height wise but was way off to the right, the first 3 shots were sighters to get me on target and then on my 9th shot I hit the target, then had one more hit on my 12th shot. So total of 2 out of 12 shots at 2530 yards.

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A 2,500-Yard Shot Never Looked So Easy [VIDEO]