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Watch This Master Duck Caller and Learn [VIDEO]

Watch this champion duck caller teach the basics of how to get ducks into your shotgun sights.

National Championship duck caller Tim Farmer knows how to make a quality duck call sing. I have been duck hunting for years and consider myself a passable caller, but when I watch this video I see a true artist in action.

Have a look and learn how to master the basics from a wizard who literally talks to greenheads.

The key to competent calling is continuous practice and knowing when and how to call, however arming yourself with quality duck calls or all the practice in the world won’t help.

There you have it, tips from a pro caller with decades of experience, I always find it amazing to watch guys like this who can make calling look effortless; however us waterfowlers know that it does not come easy to get to this level.

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Watch This Master Duck Caller and Learn [VIDEO]