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Watch Mark Drury's Monster 211-Inch "Bucktober" Shake Things Off

bucktober, drury outdoors
Drury Outdoors

Just in case you didn't see his rack from a mile away, "Bucktober" wanted you to check it out one more time.

Last fall you might have heard of Mark Drury's incredible bow kill on a monster whitetail nicknamed "Bucktober". This is Mark's largest buck to date and one heck of a midwestern giant that left us all drooling after seeing the pictures.

Watch as "Bucktober" struts his stuff in front of the treestand and shakes his gigantic rack one last time.

I'm pretty sure that bucks like this are another great reason to wear a treestand harness!

bucktober, drury outdoors
Drury Outdoors

Cleary the combination of Mark's great shot and the 2-blade Rage broadhead was enough to take down this brute of a buck!

If you're interested in switching broadheads for this coming hunting season, now is the time to make that change. Many of the best broadheads available to bowhunters have a practice set that can be purchased for fine tuning your summer shooting.

Practicing all summer long with what you plan on shooting in the fall will help keep your practice sessions productive and more like hunting season.

As tough as it might be, we're all just going to have to wait for the incredible video footage from Mark's entire hunt to be released later this year! Keep up to date on the release date of this hunt and all other Drury Outdoors hunts from 2015 by checking out their website.


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Watch Mark Drury's Monster 211-Inch "Bucktober" Shake Things Off