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Watch a Mama Puffin Puff up Her Puffling [VIDEO]

When mama puffin fluffs her puffling, she's making a fluffy puffling puffy.

Puffins are great parents and this one is no different. Captured here is some good footage of what a mother anywhere in nature does to take care of its young.

Watch a little fluffy puffin mother lovin':

The puffin is found in the northern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They tend to live and breed in cliffs overlooking ocean waters.

They prefer nesting in crevices around cliffs, but will even burrow in the ground to make a nest.

Looks like this mama puffin picked a good spot to have her brood. It certainly looks comfortable in that cozy cliff-side puffin palace.

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Watch a Mama Puffin Puff up Her Puffling [VIDEO]