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Watch a Little Girl Pet a Fawn to Fill Your Daily Cute Quota [VIDEO]

You’ll think you are watching a Disney movie when you watch a little girl pet a fawn.

Nature encounters between little kids and young animals are always really cute to watch. This video, where a little girl pets a fawn, is no different. The girl looks to be around two years old and the fawn had to have been born at some point this year.

The young toddler starts to approach the fawn on wobbly legs. The fawn sees her coming and reacts like it thinks she wants to play before calming down and munching on some tasty grass.

As the little girl pets the fawn, she gives a couple looks back to whoever is filming for positive reinforcement. Her first look seems to be asking if it is really okay for her to be petting the baby deer. The second time she looks back she seems to be in amazement at what she is doing.

The video doesn’t last long as the little girl pets a fawn, but it is heartwarming to say the least.

The innocence of both the baby girl and the fawn led to this incredible moment being caught on camera.

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Watch a Little Girl Pet a Fawn to Fill Your Daily Cute Quota [VIDEO]