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Watch a Leopard Catch a Squirrel in Mid-Air [VIDEO]

When a leopard will do this to eat you, you’d better look up when you’re in its neighborhood.

It doesn’t really matter what this leopard is after, just know that he will pull out all the stops to get it.

This one should have wings and landing gear, but then again it doesn’t need them to do this:

Well, maybe the leopard knocked the squirrel out of the tree then got it on the ground. I didn’t see it catch anything but big air in this video.

I’ll take their word for it -this time- but anybody can show a picture of a leopard with something furry in its mouth and swear it caught a squirrel mid-air.

Regardless, that wildcat launched a long way, hit the ground running, and that was good enough!

Those are some cat-like reflexes!

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Watch a Leopard Catch a Squirrel in Mid-Air [VIDEO]