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Leopard Attacks Hunters Atop Truck in Incredibly Intense Scene

Hunters become the hunted when a pissed off leopard attacks their safari truck, almost getting close enough to rip them to pieces.

This hunt is another prime example of why leopards are considered one of the deadliest game to hunt on the entire planet. Africa is home to many big game animals that are capable of killing a hunter with one accurate strike, but leopards are notorious for their attacks.

Professional hunter, Jeff Rann, is in Botswana with his hunting party, and they have been tracking this leopard for a couple miles with the help of their dogs. He is no stranger to leopard attacks, and he prepares his crew for a leopard charge when the truck stops.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content and strong language that is NSFW.

I told him ‘As soon as the vehicle stops, this leopards going to come for us,’ and that’s exactly what happened.

These hunters are lucky the leopard couldn’t quite get over that cage, otherwise they might have all needed a new set of underwear…

If they don’t already.


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Leopard Attacks Hunters Atop Truck in Incredibly Intense Scene