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Watch and Learn: Effective Fish Hook Removal Trick [VIDEO]

Sometimes the best way to learn something is by watching someone else do it.

That's angler Billy Chapman's philosophy.We recently posted some effective methods for removing fish hooks - but Chapman's trick may have them beat. In this video, he sticks a treble hook through his forearm to show you the best, supposedly pain-free way to get it out. It's not as gruesome to watch as it may seem. Take a look.

There you have it. Remember, don't use this method if you're hooked from the neck up. And if you do it to someone else, distract them by saying something like, "Whoa! Look at what that catfish is doing!"

Chapman knows more than a thing or two about fishing tips and tricks. He's a pro kayak fishing guide and owner of Angler's Inn InternationalHe takes clients on fishing trips all over the world.

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Watch and Learn: Effective Fish Hook Removal Trick [VIDEO]