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Watch This Kid Shoot a .500 Nitro Elephant Gun Like a Boss! [VIDEO]

Watch This Kid Shoot A .500 Nitro Elephant Gun Like A Boss

A .500 Nitro elephant gun is one of the most powerful rifles in the world. Watch this kid in South Africa shoot a .500 Nitro elephant gun like a boss!

Ever wonder if you could handle the recoil of a .500 Nitro elephant gun? Well, this kid in South Africa did and decides to give it a shot.

Big bore elephant guns like this are not for the weak or the faint of heart. Watch to see this kid absorb all that recoil like a champ.

That’s the best way to shoot a heavy recoiling rifle like a .500 Nitro elephant gun: standing, using shooting sticks, and with the butt pulled tight against the shoulder.

The recoil knocked him back a solid foot, but it didn’t knock him over and he didn’t drop the gun. I doubt he would be able to take a rapid follow-up shot, but not many full grown adults would be able to either.

It looks like they are raising their children right in South Africa! Way to go, kid!

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Watch This Kid Shoot a .500 Nitro Elephant Gun Like a Boss! [VIDEO]