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Watch Keith Warren Nail This 512-Yard Black Wildebeest Shot

512-Yard Black Wildebeest Shot

Though he is also a very proficient archery hunter, Keith Warren really knows his way around a rifle, as demonstrated by this 512-yard black wildebeest shot. He nailed this one on a recent African safari.

Since they have such great eyesight and prefer to hang out in wide open areas, black wildebeest are difficult to approach closely. This means that hunters pursuing them sometimes have to take longer than normal shots, just like Keith Warren did with this great 512 yard black wildebeest shot.

Check out the video to see how it all went down.

He pulled his first shot (at 438 yards) a little to the right, which just wounded the animal. Fortunately, his second shot at 512 yards hit the wildebeest square in the neck, dropping it for good.

Just like the Professional Hunter (guide) said, it pays to be prepared to “air one out” just in case you encounter the black wildebeest of a lifetime on a hunt.

Keith Was using a Savage rifle chambered in .270 Winchester. Though the cartridge is a little on the light side for the animal, it will clearly still do the job with good shot placement.

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Watch Keith Warren Nail This 512-Yard Black Wildebeest Shot