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Watch a Katana Sword Cut a Bullet in Half in Slo-Mo

Never wonder again whether or not a speeding bullet can be split in half by a Samurai sword.

Once we got our start in the shooting sports we all looked for the next target to hit that would test our skill.

What we didn’t know was how cool our shooting practice could be until they started filming the fired round with a high-speed camera. Seeing it come out of the muzzle was amazing enough, but when you see it hit the target you can really get a sense of the speed and power of what you’re firing.

Now, thanks to slow motion, you can see a bullet hit the edge of a sword and be split right in two.

Slow motion wasn’t cool enough so they had to line up a Samurai sword and use it to split a bullet in half!

There are many videos similar to this one out there. Some are fairly good quality and others not so much. At least this video has a pretty darn good look at the round hitting the edge of the Katana and splitting in two.

Now we’ve got to get someone to do it with a fully automatic firearm! How about a deer slug or something insanely small such as a BB? The possibilities are endless. Now get out there and split some bullets, take the video, and send it our way!



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Watch a Katana Sword Cut a Bullet in Half in Slo-Mo