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Watch Instructor Zero Test AR500 Steel

Leave it to the Marines to test the toughest gear.

Tell a Marine “It can’t be broken,” and he is going to do his best.

Zero also tags along and opines on mobility with body armor.

AR500 has numerous videos showing how resilient their body armor is to most rifle rounds. 5.56, 7.62 x39, .308, and most common pistol calibers have been tested and cannot penetrate the steel plates.

The best part of this armor is that it’s so affordable. Ceramic plates and Kevlar inserts that came before AR500 were very expensive and could only withstand minimal abuse.

Some ceramic plates would crack even if you dropped them or fell on them incorrectly.

AR500 focused on the comfort of wearing the body armor by making some special modifications that allow operators to position their weapons correctly on the shoulder.

AR500 plates come with angled cuts in the upper portion of the plates so that rifle stocks don’t get pushed to the side when trying to aim quickly.

Secondly, the plates have the option of being curved so that they can fit around the torso easier. In this particular video, AR500 demos their tear-drop design.

I personally own the Urban Plate Carrier rig and realize that the lower angles of the plate can come into contact with your hips while squatting. The tear-drop design allows your legs and hip to move around the plate and wont interfere when running or when kneeling.

The plates are also curved and can be cut in five separate sections to provide the operator with maximum comfort. These plates are very progressive and are very advantageous to the way the torso bends when moving in tight spaces and when moving quickly in small quarters.

Reliable and effective body armor is essential to add to your kit and can help keep you safe in training and when going down range.

Stay vigilant.


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Watch Instructor Zero Test AR500 Steel