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Huge Mako Shark Attacks Marlin While Angler Films Underwater [VIDEO]

We’re all for getting the shot of a lifetime, but this is cutting it pretty close.

Somebody has to take all those great high-resolution photos of marlin and other game fish that end up on the cover of your favorite magazines. But what do those photographers have to go through to get those shots?

Sometimes it’s super dangerous encounters like this mako vs. marlin encounter filmed off the coast of Australia.

While photographing a trophy marlin near his fishing boat, Aussie angler Al McGlashan got a visit from one of the ocean’s top predators: a mako shark.

In the clip below, the 300-kilo shark swims in out of nowhere and heads straight for the marlin. McGlashan is just a few feet away as the massive mako shark attacks the marlin, tearing it to bits.

Luckily, McGlashan made it back to the boat unscathed. Some of his friends said he was “one of the luckiest men alive.” That’s because mako sharks are one of the most aggressive and fearsome predators in the ocean.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to be chased by a hungry mako, check out this cool video

Have you ever witnessed any mako shark attacks?

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Huge Mako Shark Attacks Marlin While Angler Films Underwater [VIDEO]