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Watch a Holland and Holland Shotgun Come to Life

Holland and Holland
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Holland and Holland make some of the finest shotguns on Earth and this is how they are made.

Holland and Holland was first founded in 1835 by Harris Holland. The company quickly set a new standard for gun making in England. Some of their most famous guns are their side-by-side shotguns, but the company also makes exquisite rifles in a variety of calibers and styles.

In fact, Holland and Holland is even responsible for inventing and developing several very popular rifle calibers. These include the .375 H&H Magnum, .300 H&H Magnum, and the .600 Nitro Express.

Even though you might not ever own one, watching a Holland and Holland be made is something that any gun enthusiast can appreciate. Check out the process from start to finish in the video below.

Despite their impressive history and gun making prowess, actually owning a Holland and Holland gun is an entirely different story. It all comes down to cost. Even a completely plain gun from H&H can set buyers back over $80,000. Add in custom engraving and you are looking at a price quickly approaching $200,000 or more!

Oh and did I mention that if you do have the money for such a weapon, you'll have to wait about two to three years to even get it.

You want one even more after watching that video now don't you? Well if you recently won the lottery and are looking for another way to spend some of your windfall, give H&H a call. They'd be more than happy to build you a custom gun that would be passed down in your family for generations to come!


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Watch a Holland and Holland Shotgun Come to Life