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WATCH: Hilarious Fishing Version of a Typical Bad Hunting Show [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever watched a bad hunting show, this fishing version will make you laugh. 

When it comes to hunting shows, lets be honest, most of them are absolutely terrible.

Just about any bad hunting show that you will watch has a product endorsed opening, followed by some incredibly made up tactic that the hunting show host is planning to execute, followed by slow motion shots, dramatic music, and an ending shot with more product endorsements.

Luckily for us, Chris Funk, the Feral One nailed it all with hilarious fishing video that pretty much sums up what hunting shows have become.

If you didn’t laugh out loud at some point during this video, then you obviously don’t watch much outdoor television.

Lets all just hope that this video is viewed by some of the higher ups in the hunting industry and they start making hunting shows that are a little more realistic instead of the stuff that is the joke of outdoors programming like they are today.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good hunting shows out there, but as long as most of them replicate the video above, well, I’ll just watch something else.

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WATCH: Hilarious Fishing Version of a Typical Bad Hunting Show [VIDEO]