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Have You Ever Seen 12 Guys in the Same Boat Do This?

This Polish dragon boat ‘war canoe’ looks like it takes some serious stamina and 12 of the biggest set of arms that you can find.

Here’s a game for the strong hearted: get 12 of the biggest guys you can find and put them all in the same boat armed with paddles.

While you’re at it, make them face the same way and try to out-paddle the other six. When it’s all over, you may be a bit confused at who just won, but it’s easier than you realize.

The first time I watched this I was sure that the ‘red’ team had pulled the ‘blue’ team across the line, but then you see the blue team (ok, dark blue) celebrating. In fact the opposite is true: the blue team paddled harder and pushed the red team back to a point where the whistle sounded them the victors.

Now that we’ve gotten that straight maybe we can get the winners to paddle us around our favorite lake for a little high-speed muskie trolling. Just be ready with their favorite beer because these big boys gotta get thirsty!



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Have You Ever Seen 12 Guys in the Same Boat Do This?