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Watch Hank Patterson Introduce Newcomers to Fly Fishing

Self-appointed fly fishing expert, Hank Patterson introduces newcomers to fly fishing in this very funny video.

These newcomers to fly fishing seem to have potentially picked the wrong guy to introduce them to the sport, however the laughs keep going when their instructor tries to explain the nuances of this great sport.

Hank Patterson hams it up once again in another comical video in his must see series.

Another great video that had me laughing out loud over coffee. Hank Patterson is quickly becoming the king of fishing comedy with his series. What I like best about his humor is that he takes some of the perceived stuffiness out of fly fishing even though he is a very serious fly fisherman.

As said before, fly fishing is a sport that is accessible to all so if you ever wanted to get involved now is the time.


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Watch Hank Patterson Introduce Newcomers to Fly Fishing