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This Guy Reels in Potential World Record Muskie on a Fly Rod


This is possibly the biggest muskie ever landed on a fly rod.

They call the muskie the “fish of a thousand casts” for a reason. Most fishermen spend their whole lives just trying to catch a big one on regular tackle. Watch this video to see Robert Hawkins catch a massive 57-inch muskie on fly tackle!

Now that’s an impressive catch! It would be impressive on any tackle, but with a fly rod? Incredible. These guys’ excitement is definitely understandable, as that is the fish of a lifetime for any angler.

The length of the fish is listed in the video description as being 57 inches with a 26.5 inch girth. In case you’re wondering, using length and girth estimates, this fish could weigh an estimated 68 pounds. The all-tackle world record is 67 pounds, 8 ounces according to the International Game and Fish Association’s website. If validated, it would definitely smash the IGFA record for length, which currently stands at 51 inches.

It’s really awesome they released this fish so someone else has a chance to experience the same thrill. Congratulations on an outstanding catch, Robert!

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This Guy Reels in Potential World Record Muskie on a Fly Rod