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Watch This Guy Catch a Bass With His Thumb

While many people spend high dollars on the newest bass fishing gear, this guy just uses his thumb.

When it comes to choosing the right bass lure many different factors need to be considered.

What time of year is it? What is the air temperature? What is the water temperature? Is it sunny? Is it cloudy? Is it going to rain? Did it just stop raining? Or better yet, is it raining right now? These are just a few examples of how different circumstances may influence bass behavior.

These rules typically always apply, unless you are this guy of course!

In this video posted by In The Riffle, watch this guy catch a bass using nothing but his thumb!

I have seen people lure fish in using dead shiners or other bait, but to grab one right off the shoreline by wiggling your thumb around on the surface is just ridiculous. Kudos to this guy for having the magic touch.

I think the scent from the hot wings he ate the night before must have still been on his hands. Hot sauce gets them every time!


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Watch This Guy Catch a Bass With His Thumb