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Watch This Goshawk Intensely Pursue a Desperate Jackrabbit

Nature is at its most intense when a predator gives chase to prey. Watch this goshawk and jackrabbit engage in an epic death race.

Whether it's a cheetah streaking after a zigzagging antelope on the plains of Africa, or a Lynx plowing through the snow of the Canadian tundra after a bounding snowshoe hare, predator vs prey battles offer some of the most nail biting scenes in nature.

They all start the same way, too, don't they? Prey animals seemingly unaware of the potential death hidden nearby. Then suddenly the world explodes.

It was the same scenario in this video. Jackrabbits were lazily feeding in a pumpkin patch, while a goshawk watched from a tree-lined edge. Then, boom! The race is on.

Predators fail more than they succeed in killing their prey. But this short drama culminates in a successful kill for the goshawk, even though at one point it appeared as though the hare would escape the raptor's taloned clutches.

I'm always impressed with how filmmakers are able to capture and edit wildlife dramas like this.

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Watch This Goshawk Intensely Pursue a Desperate Jackrabbit