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Watch Giant Brown Trout Flip Like Gymnasts in the Water

In this new short from Orvis, Captain Jack Films shows us what it's like to hook into big, wild sea-run browns from Argentina's Rio Grande river.

Brown trout hold a certain mystique to me. Something about their nefarious attitude and potential to reach monstrous proportions gives me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Add to that a creature that spends its time in rough ocean water and fishing for them in an exotic location and you've got a recipe for an incredible fly fishing experience.

These brutes spawn in freshwater and spend between one and four years in the river. Their first migration takes them out to sea where they feed and grow for around six months. When they come back, they are hard fighting acrobats weighing anywhere from 6 to 20 pounds. Some even bigger.

Imagine all the fun and adventure of fishing for steelhead or Atlantic salmon. Now picture a brown trout of similar size and strength. Now imagine standing on an open bank along a wide, calm river full of these beauties.

Actually, you don't need to imagine it. Just watch the video above one more time and odds are, you'll be buying a plane ticket before the music stops.


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Watch Giant Brown Trout Flip Like Gymnasts in the Water