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Giant 54″ Muskie Caught From Follow Up to Release [VIDEO]

To catch a muskie over 50″ is a rare feat. To watch a  54″ muskie caught on video is one in a million.

Lake St. Clair is one of the most famous muskie lakes in the United States. In this video by Brian Toia, you will see exactly how effective casting on Lake St. Clair can be when a giant 54″ muskie is hooked on a follow up right next to the boat, netted, and then released all on camera.

This is truly a once in a lifetime catch, not to mention video.

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Muskie fishing is full of adrenaline. You might be able to guess that by the reactions of renowned muskie guide Mike Hulbert and his clients after that monster fish is released. I would probably be hugging people for days if that were me!

Hulbert has picked Lake St. Clair to pieces over the years, only to uncover a casting bite that has been proven extremely successful on a fish that is notoriously hard to catch. If you would like more information on Mike Hulbert or to schedule a guided day on the water, follow him on his Facebook page 

What is the biggest muskie you have ever caught?

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Giant 54″ Muskie Caught From Follow Up to Release [VIDEO]