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These Hog Hunters Are Almost Overrun: Do They Shoot or Move?

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Here’s proof that the art of the quick draw applies to hog hunting, as well. It doesn’t get much faster than this! 

Imagine this. You’re out hog hunting and are anxiously awaiting for a herd to come barreling down from the hill above. All of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you see two gigantic hogs coming down the hill, full tilt in your direction. Do you get out of the way in an effort to not get run over or do you shoot?

Watch what this quick thinking hog hunter chose to do.

Well that was a close one, nice shooting!

For those out hog hunting that like to get up close and personal, a semi-automatic shotgun is probably your best weapon of choice.  But that then begs the question, slugs or buckshot? With a thick hide, lots of muscle and some incredible speed, it’s important to find the right balance in a suitable shotgun hog hunting load.

Check out the extreme knockdown power of the Hog Wild 12 gauge load from Hevi-Shot. With tight patterns of 1 1/2” at 40 yards, whether you’re quick drawing your shotgun at ground level or are taking down a herd of running hogs from above in a chopper, this super effective load will turn your shotgun into a hog’s worst nightmare. Available in either 3 or 3 1/2 inch shells, the Hog Wild is everything that you’ve been looking for in a reliable hog load.



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These Hog Hunters Are Almost Overrun: Do They Shoot or Move?