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Watch Fred Eichler Arrow 2 Deer in 1 Minute

Fred Eichler gets really lucky on this whitetail deer hunt.

Using a traditional recurve bow, Fred is able to kill two deer in less than a minute. What’s more, they both go down in sight, making for a pair of easy recoveries.

Watch the video to see it all go down.

Anyone who bowhunts whitetails knows that this is not how the typical hunt plays out, but you never know when it will be your lucky day.

Some might scoff at the fact that Fred Eichler didn’t kill a monster buck in the video, but he has stated (and demonstrated) several times in the past that he is not a trophy hunter, choosing to take the first legal animal that gives him an opportunity.

The fact that he is able to kill not one, but two deer using a traditional bow makes this a hunt of a lifetime, no matter how big the buck’s antlers are.

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Watch Fred Eichler Arrow 2 Deer in 1 Minute