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Watch Four Hipsters Kill Their Food for the First Time [VIDEO]

Hunters know exactly where our food comes from, but most people have no idea. These four hipsters are about to find out.

The editors at Buzzfeed took four self-described “foodies” from New York City to a family farm to kill a chicken for dinner.

As the foodies wrestled with the idea of killing for food, the cameras captured some surprising reactions.


All four had strong reactions to “doing the deed,” after picking out the chickens they were going to eat and spending some time with them. No one expressed remorse for having participated, though, and said they were glad that they had the opportunity to understand where their food came from. As one participant says, “Don’t take your food for granted.”

Hunters, fishers and farmers know this, but it’s good to be reminded that we’re lucky to harvest our own meat, and that our food tastes better after a long hunt.

The major difference between hunters and non-hunters is the experience of spending all day chasing an animal that will fill your freezer through the winter, and this video (1.5 million views and counting) will hopefully show non-hunters all the hard work we put into our food. I, for one, would love to see these four tackle a turkey hunt around Thanksgiving.

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Watch Four Hipsters Kill Their Food for the First Time [VIDEO]