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Watch a Forest Floor Breathe Like it’s Alive

Have you ever felt that the forest was truly alive as a single creature? This may prove it really is. 

This video of the forest floor “breathing” might just have you wondering if there is more to the woods than what we see.

Watch this fascinating video and hear a very logical explanation.

This forest floor is heaving and sagging like it is actually breathing. Could this be true? What is causing this odd phenomenon?

The scientific explanation is that the tree’s roots have freed themselves from their anchoring points into the ground. With large chunks of roots and dirt detached from the ground, the wind pushing on the trees makes the ground move as the trees sway back and forth. Pretty soon the wind will actually topple the trees.

That is the logical explanation. But let your imagination run wild and you can imagine a giant breathing underground.

Who wants to visit this in the Nova Scotia wilderness?



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Watch a Forest Floor Breathe Like it’s Alive