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Watch: Illegal Fishing and Drones Are Crossing Paths [VIDEO]

The battle between illegal pirate fishing and drones happens above.

The case of illegal pirate fishing is shameful, disgusting, and downright killing our global fishing industry.

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So-called Conservation Drones may be able to help. Watch this video shot by a drone in Glover Reef, Belize and uploaded by Lian Pin Koh.

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Drones have been a constant in the American new cycle since their use in combat spread to the private and consumer sectors. Now you can tour a hunting lodge with a film recorded by a drone, and even order a case of beer and have one deliver it (okay, that last one was deemed unlawful).

And hunting directly with (or even for) drones is a concern for many state governments.

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Watch: Illegal Fishing and Drones Are Crossing Paths [VIDEO]