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Watch Fish Fall For It With Strike-Cam [VIDEO]

Lightweight underwater camera gives you the satisfaction of watching fish at the moment they become dinner.

There are many things to enjoy about fishing. There's the communion with nature. The taste of something pulled right out of the water. The satisfaction of providing food for yourself from the wild.

But obviously, what's missing is the satisfaction of watching stupid, stupid fish ensuring their own demise. That's right fish, who's got a fully developed cerebral cortex now?

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As their heavily techno'd promo vid will tell you, Strike Cam allows you to witness patterns in fish behavior that can be the difference between pulling dinner out of the water, or buying it at a gas station on the way home.

The underwater camera sits a few inches above your lure, so you can watch as fish bite it, don't bite, or just think about biting it for as long as you want.

And personally, I couldn't think of a better way to spend almost $200 that I'd allotted for fishing gear. No better way at all.


Plus, after you go fishing, you can show your friends the footage, so it's great for parties. But hey,  Todd Woods endorsed it, which was nice of him.

So what do you think of the Strike-cam? The next evolution in fishing, or better spent on bait-fish?

Learn more about the Strike-Cam here, or tell us what you think of the Strike-Cam in the comments below.

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Watch Fish Fall For It With Strike-Cam [VIDEO]