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Watch the Final Stages of a 10-Point Buck Losing Its Velvet

Have you ever seen a buck in the last stage of shedding his velvet?

It's that time of the year again- whitetail deer are losing their chestnut-tan coats and they are replaced with a dark, thicker fur. Whitetail bucks are also beginning to lose their velvet as the days begin to get shorter.

Take a look at a 10-point buck in the final stages of losing his velvet.

Seeing bucks go to hard antlers is pretty exciting. It means hunting season is right around the corner. Testosterone in the bucks will be on the rise for the next few months.

During the beginning of the video, it appeared the buck seemed somewhat hesitant and careful while attempting to remove the velvet at the base of the antler. However, as the video continues it gets much more rambunctious to remove the remainder of its velvet.

The journey of a whitetail deer's antlers is pretty amazing. To think that just this spring, bucks began growing their antlers from scratch with the rapid growing tissue, velvet.

And after just a short summer, bucks have solid bone for the upcoming season.

I'm officially stoked for this fall! How about you?

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Watch the Final Stages of a 10-Point Buck Losing Its Velvet