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Watch These Famous California Mountain Lion Kittens Cozy up to Mom

Watch momma, P-19, care for her now-famous mountain lion kittens.

Photos and video of two mountain lion cubs near Los Angeles took the internet by storm last month. It seems researchers have set up a game camera close to the family’s home in the Santa Monica mountains and have captured some new footage of the two adorable cubs named P-46 and P-47.

This new footage shows them interacting with their mother, P-19.

These little guys will lose their spots and blue eyes as they get older. Researchers have tracked their mother P-19 since 2010. Researchers have determined that some of her previous litters were the result of inbreeding. They’ve recently discovered a new outside male to the area and are attempting to figure out if he may be the father of these new kittens.

Being on the outside of a large industrial area like L.A., these little guys will have some challenges ahead of them as they get older. Namely competition for food and dangers from traffic. There’s no doubt these viral internet stars will have much of the world rooting for them though.

I don’t care who you are, you can’t deny these little guys aren’t adorable!

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Watch These Famous California Mountain Lion Kittens Cozy up to Mom