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WATCH: Experimental M1 Garand Rifle in .22-06 Duplex [VIDEO]

The classic M1 Garand Rifle is a favorite of competition shooting and just plain fun to shoot.

With competitions at 1,000 yards, these tough-to-beat old battle rifles are amazing.

This experimental M1 Garand chambered in .22-06 duplex cartridges is even more so, based on its unique features.

This rare experimental M1 Garand is chambered for the .22-06 duplex cartridge. Each cartridge contained two or three bullets. The theory was that with each pull of the trigger, a swarm of bullets will be on target.

The experimental .22-06 was actually a .30-06 cartridge necked down to .22 caliber. When loaded with two bullets of 50 grain weight each, those bullets come out close to 3,000 fps.

This historical rifle took an interesting step into the modern military rifle age.

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WATCH: Experimental M1 Garand Rifle in .22-06 Duplex [VIDEO]