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Watch Eva Shockey Test out the New Crosman Airbow

Eva Shockey

If you're looking for 2-inch groups at 50 yards, this is the airbow for you.

Over the last few years, crossbows have really come a long way. Their ability to shoot flat and concise group consistently appeals to hunters of all skill levels. Though, one thing that still weighs down the crossbow world is a quick method of loading.

Watch how Crosman has solved the issue of quick loading with their brand new Pioneer Airbow.

Awesome video, Eva!

The Pioneer from Crosman definitely lives up to its name, since loading and reloading is lightning fast compared to traditional crossbows and only weighs 7 pounds. As Eva demonstrated, this bow literally takes a few seconds to make ready to shoot and can also be de-cocked nearly as fast. At 450 feet per second, the Pioneer is superior than most compound bows and has all of the benefits of shooting a crossbow style platform.

Loaded up with a 375 arrow and 100 grain tip, this bow packs a serious punch upon impact, just look at the picture of Jim's airbow kill below!

Jim Shockey, Airbow, Crosman

Awesome work Team Crosman! Looking forward to trying one out soon!

Check out your local hunting regulations for more information about hunting with this airbow in your state.


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Watch Eva Shockey Test out the New Crosman Airbow