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Watch This Epic Fight Between Lion Prides Over A Buffalo

Watch This Epic Fight Over A Buffalo Between 2 Different Lion Prides

Competition for food is fierce in the African bush. Watch this brutal fight between two different lion prides over a Cape buffalo. 

These three video clips show the brutal side of life in the African bush as two lion prides try to get dinner. This is not nearly as simple as walking down to the grocery store on the corner. Instead, these lions must first kill the buffalo, which is no easy task. Then, they must deal with other lions fighting them for their hard-earned kill.

These clips occur immediately following the clip of a buffalo bull ruining the day of a young male lion.

In the first clip, the lions have a buffalo on the ground when a rival lion pride shows up on the scene.

While those two rival lion prides are busy fighting each other, the buffalo, which was injured but still alive, gets back up to his feet. Watch the video to see what happens next.

After those two lions take down and kill the buffalo, a few lionesses from the first pride sneak back and try to snatch a piece of the buffalo. You can probably guess what happens next.

Is that a crazy sequence of events or what? Those tourists were lucky to see all of that happen in person and they got a good lesson on how harsh life in the wild is.

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Watch This Epic Fight Between Lion Prides Over A Buffalo