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Watch This Epic Aoudad Archery Kill


Tim Wells is hunting the scrub country of south Texas when he comes across this aoudad. What do you think happens next?

You just never know what you’ll encounter while hunting in Texas. Introduced species mingle with native whitetails creating truly unique hunting opportunities. On this hunt, Tim Wells is after a fox when he is distracted by some Spanish goats. While stalking the goats, he comes across an aoudad and decides to make the most of the encounter.

Watch the video to see how this crazy hunt unfolded.

Aoudad, also known as barbary sheep, are native to northern Africa. Although they are pretty rare in their native haunts, they’ve been introduced around the world. Huntable populations thrive in Spain and Mexico as well as Texas, New Mexico, and California.

Aoudad hunting is often described as a “poor man’s sheep hunt,” since the animals can be hunted for a fraction of the price of other sheep hunts. However, taking one of these introduced trophies is no easy feat. Taking one with a bow like Tim Wells is even harder. If you’re looking to harvest an aoudad of your own, be ready to spend a lot of time behind your glass and get ready to hike high and far.

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Watch This Epic Aoudad Archery Kill