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A Texas-Made Rifle Makes the Longest Shot (Over 2 Miles!) We've Ever Seen

Watch This Epic 3800 Yard Shot With A Hill Country Rifle In Texas

What's the longest shot you've ever seen someone make? Watch this guy connect on an epic 3,800-yard shot on the FTW Ranch in Texas with a Hill Country Rifle.

There is a lot that goes into successfully making a 3,800-yard shot, but as the guys on the Hill Country Rifle team demonstrate, it is certainly possible under the right conditions. Hill Country Rifles is a company based out of Texas that specializes in extremely accurate custom-made rifles.

These guys were using a Hill Country Rifle Extreme Long Range Carry Weight rifle chambered in .375 CheyTac when they successfully made this epic 3,800-yard shot at the FTW Ranch in Texas.

Check out the video to get an idea of how difficult it is to make connect on a 2.16-mile shot.

Is that some incredible shooting or what? All things considered, 18 shots is not bad to hit a target that far away.

I'm not sure, but that shot has got to be some kind of a record!

Impressed with their 3,800 yard shot? Check out the 4,210 yard shot the same guys made a couple months later.

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A Texas-Made Rifle Makes the Longest Shot (Over 2 Miles!) We've Ever Seen