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Watch This Nerve-Tingling Clip as an Elephant Charges Hunters [VIDEO]

elephant charges hunters

Watch as this elephant charges hunters at close range through thick brush.

They call it dangerous game hunting for a reason. Though it’s not immediately clear why this elephant decided to charge these two hunters, things got interesting in a big hurry.

Elephants can move much faster than they would appear to be able to at first glance, as this video by HunterJines demonstrates.

More intense hunting videos:

Like I stated earlier, I’m not sure why this elephant decided to charge these hunters, as it did not appear to be wounded. Some elephants are more aggressive than others and are not tolerant of humans being present near them at all. This is especially common in areas where there is lots of poaching and they begin to associate humans with danger.

However, it certainly appeared that the hunters did everything that they could to avoid provoking a charge by attempting to back out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Luckily for the hunters, they made some good shots at close range and were able to walk away from the encounter.

This is why hunters going after dangerous game, and especially Professional Hunters who must back them up, have to use enough gun. You can’t be messing around when a seven ton animal is trying to run you down. Situations like this is where cartridges such as the .416 Rigby, .458 Lott, .500 Nitro Express, and .600 Nitro Express really shine.

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Do you know anyone who has experienced a dangerous game charge? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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Watch This Nerve-Tingling Clip as an Elephant Charges Hunters [VIDEO]