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Watch How Easy it is to Decock the Katana 360 Crossbow

stryker katana 360

Today, Stryker Crossbows launches the newest product in their line, the Katana 360.

The bow specs are impressive at first glance. It launches bolts up to 360 feet per second with only 150lbs draw weight. If you glance at any crossbow aisle, you’ll be hard pressed to find that speed-to-weight ratio. Another note on the Katana line is that the bows are incredibly well balanced, avoiding the ‘nose-dive’ effect many crossbows tend to have. Again, take any bow off the rack at your dealer and you’ll see what I mean. The Stryker is easy to hold and the bull pup stock makes it quick to get that scope on target.

But what really sets the Katana series apart is its simple, safe decocking feature. Traditionally, if your hunt ends without a shot on an animal, you would either have to waste a bolt into the ground or into a target?and try packing that in on your next hunt! Decocking the bow also greatly extends typical string life meaning less maintenance costs over the life of the bow.

The combination of Katana’s trigger mechanism (a smooth 2.5lbs) and anti-dry fire technology allows this bow to be decocked in seconds with the cocking aid rope.

Here’s a video that shows how quickly and easily you can decock after a hunt:

If the ease and convenience of decocking isn’t a big factor for you, I still suggest visiting a dealer to feel the difference. Whether you’re simply looking to extend your season, battling a shoulder injury, or just looking to add a new weapon to your arsenal, Stryker is a solid bet no matter what feature matters most to you. In what sometimes seems to be a sea of confusion in the crossbow market, the Stryker stands out when you weigh the specs with the feel. I guess that’s why they claim the features on this bow “All Add Up.”

Check out more videos on the Katana 360 at


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Watch How Easy it is to Decock the Katana 360 Crossbow