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Watch the Double Barrel 1911 Crush Ballistics Gel [VIDEO]

Everything is better in slow motion, especially when that footage shows bullets destroying ballistics gel courtesy of a double barrel 1911.

The rounds in this video are fired from the innovative Arsenal Firearms 2011a1 Double Barrel 1911.

That iron is a beast, and it’s slinging two 45 ACP hollow point rounds downrange at the same time. Four different sets of rounds are tested in this order: Winchester PDX1, Hornady CD, Federal Hydra-Shok and the gnarly G2research RIP.

Watch the carnage below.

No doubt that shooter is going to have some sore hands and wrists tomorrow, but the devastation on that gel block was impressive.

And those RIP rounds? The squid tentacle wound channels they left make it clear how they earned their abbreviation.

After seeing this demonstration of power, do you think you’ve got what it takes to handle a double barrel 1911?

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Watch the Double Barrel 1911 Crush Ballistics Gel [VIDEO]