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Watch a Deer Stampede That Will Melt Your Mind

Having deer stampede by your stand like this is every hunters dream, but would you really shoot?

When deer are on the move it gives us a chance to see our target and get ready.

When this many bucks and does go charging by, how would you ever pick?

Assuming that this is probably a deer ranch somewhere, you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with the prospect of choosing so just sit back for a moment and decide which one you would “mentally” take.

Right at the 15 second mark, you get shivers watching that beautiful 8-point stop at the water’s edge with his girl. Now that’s a shot we all would take!

There are a lot of healthy looking whitetails in this video which is always a good thing and shows that deer farms have their place.

It wouldn’t be the first time that some of us have seen multiple deer running by, even multiple bucks, but when you see a herd like this you might have taken the wrong turn on the way to the stand that morning.


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Watch a Deer Stampede That Will Melt Your Mind