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Watch David Blanton’s Intense Mountain Lion Bow Kill

This mountain lion bow kill took some guts to pull off.

Killing a mountain lion with a gun is quite a feat, but a mountain lion bow kill is something you’ll be telling your grandchildren about. Watch David Blanton pull it off on a big Utah cat.

Hunting mountain lions with hounds is a longstanding tradition across the west. Contrary to what some folks will tell you, the hunt is an intense physical experience. These big cats live in some of the country’s most rugged landscapes and head for some remote stretches when pursued. Keeping up with a mountain lion, and the dogs that are following, will challenge your legs and lungs.

Making the shot is just the icing on the cake. However, a poorly placed shot could mean an angry wounded lion coming at you with hate in his heart, so you’d better shoot straight.

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Watch David Blanton’s Intense Mountain Lion Bow Kill