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Watch This Dauntless Archery Mountain Lion Hunt

Mountain lions are one of top predators and way up on the food chain. Hunting them with a bow can be an absolute adrenaline rush.

Archery hunting for a mountain lion provides an exciting and dangerous adventure. Hunting a top predator will always provide for some awesome stories and excitement.

Team Radical sets out for a trip to Colorado and hopes for some snow so they can get on a good track.

Bow in hand and dogs on the run, they find a fresh track and the hunt is on.

They successfully get a beautiful cat treed and it is time for Steve to make the shot. With great arrow placement, the shot connects and sends the cougar launching from the tree.

In an epic moment, the cat falls from the tree and lands literally a few yards from their feet. Thank goodness for a great shot, otherwise things might have ended a lot differently.

There is nothing quite like a successful snow hunt no matter what species of animal you are chasing. Beautiful country, awesome video, trophy cat, and a memory he will never forget.

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Watch This Dauntless Archery Mountain Lion Hunt