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Watch Darcizzle Hook into a Giant 100-Pound Florida Tarpon [VIDEO]

100-pound Florida tarpon don't come easy. 

Even though the peak of the Florida tarpon season might be over, you wouldn't know it by watching Darcie Arahill, better known to the fishing world as Darcizzle, hook up with a massive 100-pound Florida tarpon.

In this video, she is fishing with Relentless Charters out of Big Pine Key, Florida and gets taken through the ringer doing everything she can to get this fish to the boat.

As you are about to see, big fish don't get big by being dumb and that is especially true when it comes to tarpon. This fish does everything it can to pop the hook, and unfortunately for Darcie, it does.

Despite the heartbreaking fact that this incredible 100-pound Florida tarpon got away, as Darcie mentioned, it's more about the fight and the pursuit of such a fish anyway.

Of course that sounds good on paper, but I have to wonder what she really thinks every time she watches that hook pop out over and over as she probably still replays that epic fight in her head.

I know I would be!

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Watch Darcizzle Hook into a Giant 100-Pound Florida Tarpon [VIDEO]