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You Have to See How Cabot’s 1911 Meteorite Pistols Are Made

Cabot Guns is making a pair of a 1911 pistols out of meteorite.

The pair, being called “The Big Bang Pistol Set,” is being made from a 77-pound chunk of the Gibeon meteorite. This meteorite was found in 1838 in what is Namibia today.

The following video shows some of the process of creating the pistols, which will be unveiled at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits May 20-22 in Louisville, Ky.

“The idea was inspired from the Cosmos 1911, a pistol we released in 2015 with meteorite grips,” said Cabot founder and president Rob Bianchin. “I spent months learning about meteorites after finding one at a show.”

Aside from a steel barrel, everything in the pistols are being made from the meteorite.

“Everything,” Bianchin says. “Right down to the plunger tube.” Even the case for the set will reflect the meteorite. Cabot hired artist George Dante to make a case that looks exactly like the Gibeon meteorite.

In addition, the set will continue Cabot’s trademark of providing mirrored pistols. One will be a traditional right-handed pistol while the other will be a true left-handed one.



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You Have to See How Cabot’s 1911 Meteorite Pistols Are Made