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WATCH: BulletSafe Tests out Their Bulletproof Hat [VIDEO]

BulletSafe has a new prototype for their bulletproof hat, and they use a .45 ACP to test its capabilities.

There’s nothing like mixing style and protection; check out the bulletproof hat from BulletSafe that looks like a baseball cap. Might as well look stylish while your’e stopping those bullets.

This test of the BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is of our first set of production prototypes. These parts are made using our production tool and using a production process. If this test is successful and further independent lab tests are successful, we can put this exact product into large scale production. Watch to find out.…

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You might walk away with a the worst headache of your life, but at least you walk away. Anything is better than having a bullet rip through your skull.

It’s a dangerous world out there, and the more cautious a person is, the better they will be able to handle a dangerous situation.

Remember, we aren’t paranoid, we’re prepared.

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WATCH: BulletSafe Tests out Their Bulletproof Hat [VIDEO]