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Watch Your Boots: Another Alligator Was Found in Kentucky [VIDEO]

Can you believe this isn’t even the first alligator in Kentucky found this year? 

Gary Payton (not the basketball player, mind you) was fishing in Barren River Lake, Kentucky when he spotted what he almost couldn’t believe. A real, living alligator in Kentucky was sunning itself on a log as they boated by.

The local Kentucky media picked up the story once Payton and his fishing buddies came forward with this amazing find.

After the alligator report surfaced, a conservation officer was sent to the area and dispatched the alligator. It is well-known that alligators simply can’t live as far north as Kentucky. Most likely, this was a pet that someone released.

Another alligator in Kentucky was spotted in a small pond 140 miles away from this gator in Corbin, Kentucky just a few weeks before. Again, this alligator was also suspected to be a pet. Whoever is running this alligator operation isn’t doing a very good job.

As far as Payton, seeing this alligator doesn’t change the way he feels about his safety while out fishing on Barren River Lake.

“But actually being afraid of alligators in Barren River Lake and I don’t want to go swimming? Absolutely not”, Payton said. “You know it’s a freak thing and I’ll probably never see nothing like this the rest of my life in Kentucky.”

Just a reminder, if you witness something that just doesn’t belong in the wild in your area, be sure to tell the authorities. There’s probably a logical reason for it, and you can keep swimming in your favorite swimming holes once the problem has been solved.

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Watch Your Boots: Another Alligator Was Found in Kentucky [VIDEO]