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BlackTip Shark Feeding Frenzy in South Carolina [VIDEO]

A couple of friends fishing off the coast of South Carolina learned one thing for sure: Don’t go swimming with blacktip sharks.

Anglers catch insane footage of blacktip sharks chasing baitfish into shallow water- almost to the point of beaching themselves.

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Blacktips are very aggressive when hungry and tend to hunt in herds. The ones in this video are smaller, probably not yet full-grown, but adults can reach up to eight feet and weigh up to 70 pounds.

The baitfish causing all the commotion with sharks and birds alike in the video are a mix of mullet and glass minnows, which often school in large numbers off the Atlantic Coast and can bring deep-water predators (like black tips) in to shore.

It IS legal to catch up to one blacktip shark per day in South Carolina, so long as it’s with a reel or a hand-line (no net fishing), and supposedly they’re pretty good to eat. In fact, surf-fishing for blacktip has become a popular sport-fishing segment along the Atlantic coast in recent years, especially in Florida.

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BlackTip Shark Feeding Frenzy in South Carolina [VIDEO]