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Watch a Baby Alaskan Moose Take Its First Steps [VIDEO]

An Alaskan moose born on the side of the highway struggles to take its first walk with its mother and sibling.

You don’t get to see a moose being born every day, but this cow decided that it was time and there was no stopping her.

The side of a road in Alaska is as good as anywhere in that state.

Now if she can only get up and get going all will be well.

Alaskan moose are known as a hardy breed, but when the urge to give birth takes over, it’s now or never.

The first calf seemed to be well enough to get to its feet, but the second was having a bit of trouble. That cow will stand by her brood, allowing nothing to come between them.

This is a good reminder that young animals may appear to be in trouble when they really need no help. It’s this time of year when many creatures are giving birth and need some distance from well-meaning people.


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Watch a Baby Alaskan Moose Take Its First Steps [VIDEO]